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Signing In
The Sign In screen appears. To access your email:
  1. Enter your full address in the User ID field.
    If your email address is user@domain.com, then you should enter your User ID: user@domain.com.
  2. Enter your password.
    Asterisks (***) will appear in this field as you type, to help keep your password confidential.
  3. Click the ENTER button.
Password Guidelines
Security Requirements for Creating a Cox Password
Passwords used to sign in to Cox email or account services must meet all of the following requirements.
  • Contain at least eight characters (or more).
  • Contain at least one numeral and one letter.
  • Not contain any form of the word "password".
  • Not contain any form of your email address, or Cox login User ID.
Recommendations for Strengthening Your Passwords
Hackers have a difficult time breaking or stealing passwords that have the following characteristics.
  • Is lengthy, for example between 15 and 24 characters long.
  • Contain at least one symbol or special character, such as the following: !@#$%^&*()
  • Contain case-sensitive lettering, such as SaMpLe4 rather than sample4.
  • Not contain alphabetic series, either forwards or backwards, such as ABCDEF or FEDCBA.
  • Not contain numeric series, either forwards or backwards, such as 123456 or 654321.
  • Not contain a string of all identical letters or numbers, such as AAAAAA or 111111.
  • Not contain your spouse's name or your birthday.
  • Creating an Easy-To-Remember Pass Phrase
  • A pass phrase is a sentence that you can remember, such as "You can't teach an old dog new tricks".
    Use the first letter of each word of the sentence in your password. In this example your password would
    contain "yctaodnt". Then add a numeral, special character, and capitalization, to 4ycTaodnT!.
For additional assistance, please contact your business email administrator or your local Cox Business Support by calling
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